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Swim Raft - 8x8_edited.jpg

Pontoon Dock Boats and Swim Rafts

Made on our HDPE Pontoons

With different sizes of rafts and boats available, see our pricing for availability.

Pontoon Dock Boats and Swim Rafts: Products

Products Available

Done Right The First Time

Swim Rafts

A cottage staple - Floating rafts are a fun-filled option for your waterfront and is built using the same floats as our floating docks. Tuff Tube pipe floats mean you can leave the swim raft in the water over the winter months and not have to worry about taking it out.

Swim Raft - 8x8_edited.jpg

Dock Boats

Why not have a dock and boat all-in-one? With this combo Floating Dock & Boat you can cruise the lake with your guest. When not cruising the lake, hook back up to your ramp and it's now your dock again. We will provide you with a sleek-fitting transom cover. Once covered, no one would ever guess your dock is a boat.

Pontoon Dock Boats and Swim Rafts: Products
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